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Border Fiddle

Hello All,

While slowly working through updates for this website, I (Trae McMaken) am also engaged in another Michigan-fiddling related project called "Border Fiddle." It is where I will be posting short videos of myself playing through fiddle tunes from Michigan. If you're interested, see below. Hope you enjoy. 



Michigan Fiddle Update


Michigan Fiddle . Com is currently being migrated over to a new design format. A number of links on this site are broken currently. These will be addressed in the new formatting.




Congratulations to Danny Johnston of Goodhart, Michigan.

Congratulations to Danny Johnston of Goodhart, Michigan.

Congratulations to Danny Johnston of Goodhart, Michigan. On August 10 at the 2014 Great Lakes Folk Festival Danny was awarded the Michigan Heritage Award for his fiddling and impact in the Michigan fiddle community. Bravo. 

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Fiddlers and Collectors: Jim McKinney and Glenn Hendrix

Check out the post about Jim McKinney and Glenn Hendrix as MSU Museum's Great Folks Blog:


Glenn Hendrix, fiddler, 2014. 


Jim McKinney, fiddler, 2014.



Blog entry about fiddler Ruby John


Click the following link for the blog entry at the MSU Museum Blog.


Ruby John, fiddler, 2014.



Waltzes with Bob Bernard

Head out over to the MSU Great Folks blog to check out another post from my fieldwork for the National Endowment for the Arts grant through the MSU Museum.

Bob Bernard, fiddler, 2014



All From the Heart: The Fiddling of Rene Coté

The Michigan State University Museum's "Great Folks Blog" is currently featuring weekly posts  from my recent fieldwork trip around Michigan to interview fiddlers. Here is a link to this week's post about Rene Coté.

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This website is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Michigan's heritage of fiddling and folk music.


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