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A Note About Listening to Historical Recordings

We are fortunate to have preserved many wonderful recordings of Michigan fiddlers. Many of these recordings were made using equipment far removed in quality production from that used today.  Further, many of the fiddlers in question were elderly by the time they recorded. It is important to be conscious of these factors when hearing the pops and hisses of the old 78 RPM or homemade recordings and to also be aware that many of these fiddlers were far past their playing prime. Nevertheless, many of them played with virve, energy, and skill that is impressive for fiddlers around 80 years of age, such as Jasper "Jep" Bisbee, born in 1843 and recorded in 1923, or Col. John A. Pattee, born in 1844 and recorded in 1924. Further, these recordings are treasures for understanding the musical and social past.


Patrick Bonner Recordings:

Collection of Patrick Bonner Recordings


Bisbee and Pattee Recordings:

Helen Gross Recordings:

These recordings of Helen Gross, provided by Glenn Hendrix and Jim McKinney, were recorded in 1980 at the Tyler-Mahaffey Gathering. According to Paul Tyler, these recordings were made by Al Smitley. Some other recordings of fiddlers on this page came from the same source.

See also the Tyler-Mahaffee Group recordings:

Ed Lauluma Recordings:

Frank Mattison Recordings:

Stewart Carmichael Recordings:

Varsal Fales Recordings:

Ralph Flowers Recordings:

Dick Gravell Recordings:

Ray Shepherd Recordings:

Helmer Töyräs Recordings: 

From Jim Leary's Accordions in the Cutover.

George Nousianen Recordings:

From Jim Leary's Accordions in the Cutover.


Tyler-Mahaffee Group Recordings:

The following recordings likely include: Helen Gross, Ray Shepherd, and/or Paul Tyler.


Downhome Dairyland Posen Fiddlers Episode Excerpts:

These excerpts from Down Home Dairyland are used with the permission of Jim Leary.

Down Home Dairyland is an excellent radio-style survey of Wisconsin folk music. It can be purchased from Amazon by clicking here.

Many thanks to Jim Leary for permission to use these recordings of Michigan fiddlers.



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Videos from the Les Raber Tribute Concert

An Interesting Video Documentary About Dane Johnson.

A Video Tribute to Ed Lauluma, included on his fiddler page.