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Les Raber Tribute Concert Videos



Les Raber Tribute Concert Videos

Links provided by Jim McKinney.


From the YouTube description: "Judy Raber Burns and friends tell stories and perform a tribute to Judy's father Les Raber at the 2010 North Central Regional Fiddlers Convention in Hillsdale, Michigan on Saturday, August 14, 2010."


 Right and Left Six


Whistling Rufus ?


Pig Ankle Rag ?


 Wake Up Susan ?


The Willow Waltz ?


 Les Rabers Schottische ?


 Peek a Boo Waltz ?


 Jig in A ?


Jimmies Favorite Jig ?


Jane Oaker ?


Sophrinia ?


Grandpa Rabers #2 ?


Efterkaelken -


Ramsey Schottische ?


Station Fiddlers ?


Pap n Mam ?


Ten Strike ?