The County History Series

Compiled with commentary by A. Trae McMaken


     Early County Histories of Michigan contain many, many references to fiddling and dancing in early Michigan. Some of these references lend a wealth of insight into the history of fiddling in the state of Michigan. This series will consist of excerpts from County Histories with some commentary on interesting aspects of the excerpts. Some of these excerpts consist of generic or heavily-romanticized historical descriptions, but many are memoirs and memories of individuals or plain-spoken local history. I will be using the Michigan County Histories and Atlases Collection of University of Michigan located at http://quod.lib.umich.edu/m/micounty/

    It is my intention to post entries to this series as regularly as possible over the next month or however long it takes to work my way through considering travel and internet access. The first entry below consists of generic descriptions from histories, but the subsequent entries will relate to specific counties, towns, or regions. 

    I hope you enjoy.